Inspired by fantasy, sci-fi and the heavy metal greats, Maxwell Jeffries’ ‘new wave of classic rock’ style of songwriting burst onto the UK scene in 2020, with the release of Underking’s two debut albums - ‘Ghosts of the Past’ and ‘Amongst the Dead'. Written and recorded by Jeffries (with additional screamed vocals on the latter, performed by Arizona-native Dustin Burmeister of Death Adder), the two records were met with positive reviews.

Following on from this success, Underking released a trilogy of singles, each displaying different aspects of Jeffries’ musical interests and strengths. ‘The Throne', an unapologetic nod to his NWOBHM heroes; ‘The Mask’ - a riff-laden thrasher with an extensive solo and ‘Dragon of the West’ - a hard-rock ballad inspired by the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Underking closed a prolific 2020 with the release of single: ‘Embrace the Arcane’. A mid-tempo headbanger, the track saw Jeffries take a more mature approach to writing, with lyrics surrounding the topic of mental health, contained within a fantasy theme. The song also doubled as the first single from Underking’s upcoming third album - scheduled for release later in 2021. 'Shadow I've Become' - a Star Wars inspired pop-rock anthem, releases on the 29th of January.


The Discography So Far...

Embrace the Arcane


The first single from upcoming 2021 album

Dragon of the West


Underking's most ambitious and heartfelt song to date

The Mask


A 90's thrash influenced banger full of energy and an incendiary solo section

The Throne


NWOBHM inspired and catchy to the core with a 'Maiden flare

Ghosts of the Past


One half of Underking's debut dual album release - focusing more on hard rock influences

Amongst the Dead


One half of Underking's debut dual album release - focusing more on metal influences and featuring Dustin Burmeister on vocals

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UK Thrashers

"The improved sound gives the riffs a bit more of a prominent role than before and there’s an almost symphonic feel to 'Embrace the Arcane', enhanced by Maxwell’s uniquely melodic vocals."

Wicked Metal Review

"This is something really special." (8/10)

Sleeping Village Review

"Taking both this track and their past work into account, Underking seems to be a bit of a musical China Miéville, opting to produce stellar work across a variety of genres."

Burnt Coffee Reviews

“Shadow I’ve Become” (delivers) hook, line, and sinker with an unforgettable main riff, suspenseful verses, and catchy-as-all-hell chorus.

Latest Track

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